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binaural chakras

"Balance Your Chakras In Less Than 1 Hour For Complete Mind, Body &
Spiritual Health"

Finally! an Easy Way To Balance Your Chakras To Improve
All Areas of Your Life.

Dear Friend,

In 59 minutes time you could:

Balance the 7 main chakras in a safe and easy way
Have increased focus on your path in life
Achieve deep levels of concentration
Greatly increase your energy levels
Have real confidence in yourself
Develop your psychic abilities
Cleanse and balance your aura
Enhance your creativity
Connect with your spiritual self

In 59 minutes you could be starting a new life and have ALL of the above and I truly mean ALL.


Why Balancing Your Chakras
Is Crucial To Your Well Being


Every one of us have Chakra centres in our body which correspond to a different level of our mental and practical being. If your chakra energy centres are under active you will feel it both metally and physically. Similarly if your chaka energy centres are overactive you become greedy, selfish and much less confident. Balancing your chakras is the answer to a healthy physical, mental and spiritual life.

Table showing what can happen if your chakras are not balanced

list Base Chakra Under-Active - Fearful, nervous, anxious, feeling unwelcome
Over Active - Materialistic, greedy, resist change
list Sacral Chakra Under-Active - Unemotional, feeling of plodding along
Over Active - Too emotional, too needy, too attached
list Solar Plexus Chakra Under-Active - Timid, indecisive, don't get what you want
Over Active - Domineering, aggressive, selfish
list Heart Chakra Under-Active - Cold and distant
Over Active - Suffocating with love, too needy, selfish
list Throat Chakra Under-Active - introversion, shy, don't speak up much
Over Active - Domineering, speak too much, bad listener
list Brow/Third Eye Chakra Under-Active - Rely on others decisions, confused easily,
Over Active - Live in your mind and not the real world
list Crown Chakra Under-Active - Rigid thinking, not spiritually aware,
Over Active - Rely on spirituality too much,


We've all felt some of the above symptoms at various times in our lives, some more so than others and that's because our main chakras have not been balanced.

There is now an easy way to quickly balance your mind, body and spirit.

Your life will literally change when you feel the effects of balancing your chakras and having them work in sync.




Join The Thousands Of People Every Day Who Are Experiencing The Benefits Of Binaural Beats

Unlike the thousands of people paying thousands of dollars to go to a retreat, or paying hundreds of dollars for other binaural programs you can buy all of the Binaural Chakras package for only $59.



Earlier this year I was facing the unpleasant task of making a decision to go shopping (again) for larger jeans, or to do something about it.  At around the same time, I downloaded your "Energy Blast" binaural beat audio, a very pleasant 9 minute one that was meant to get your metabolism going.  Now I didn't expect to take off weight just by listening, but I was hoping it might motivate me to get moving. 

Maybe just a coincidence, but probably not, soon after I started to listen, I decided that I needed to get myself exercising rather than shopping, and I started going on my treadmill at home.  My goal was to work out for the entire month of June (2008), and see if I could turn the fitness goal into a habit, since I knew that habits are formed in 21 days.  I decided to listen to the energy blast audio while I worked out, and at first I could just make it through one loop.  But it kept me motivated and moving, and by the end of the month, I had indeed formed the habit, I had indeed lost the weight, and now I'm looking at shopping for new jeans again, but this time for a smaller size. 

In my mind, I believe it was the binaural beats audio that got me moving, and nobody will convince me otherwise.

Dennis Becker



Binaural Chakras Package

7 Step program to balance your chakras

This relatively new technology called Binaural Beats just keeps getting better and more effective.

Binaural Beats have been proven to be effective and one of the quickest ways to reach deep levels of meditation to eliminate stress and live a happier and stress free life.

The Binaural Chakras program will amaze you and is unlike anything else you have tried before. You are taken through from chakras 1 - 7 and right from the outset you will start to notice a difference in the way you feel, your energy levels, your sex drive, your thinking and your ability to concentrate, it really is that powerful.

How Binaural Chakras Works

Binaural Chakras has been specially programmed so that you will hear a different tone in each ear to create a third tone. This third tone entrains your brain to a particular frequency called a brainwave, this is why it is sometimes called brainwave entrainment.

It takes around 8 minutes for your brain to attune to a different brainwave so Binaural Chakras will start to work almost instantly and begin to align your chakras and deliver the many benefits that this has to offer.

Why Binaural Chakras is Different

Binaural Chakras gets right to heart of the matter and starts working on your brainwaves immediately. There is no need to learn the theory behind it as Binaural Chakras starts to work immediately. The more you use the Binaural Chakras package the quicker it becomes a natural part of your everyday life and you will see a huge difference in yourself and in your life in general.


Look at Everything You Will Get With

The Binaural Chakras Package















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You Have Nothing To Lose With Our 60 Day 100% Money Back Guarantee

satisfactionWe’re so sure that the Binaural Chakras Program will work for you that we’re willing to back it up for a full 60 days.

if you are not satisfied with the results after 59 days simply ask for a refund and it will be given without question.

A package like Binaural Chakras sells for as much as $300-$500 on other sites but we have packaged it in such as away to be as accessible to as many people as possible, hence the $59.

We really do want you to balance your chakras and enjoy all the benefits it can bring to your mind, body and spirit and are offering this package at an extremely low price.


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To your success


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