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An Easy Way To A Great Nights Sleep very Night

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"Discover A Guaranteed Way To A Great Nights Sleep Every Night!"

Finally An Easy Way to Get A Full, Peaceful and
Relaxing Night's Sleep


Dear Friend

Imagine being able to:

bullet Get a fantastic nights sleep every night
bullet Sleep right through the night
bullet Being relaxed and calm every day
bullet Being able to switch off and forget about the stresses of the day
bullet Waking up refreshed and ready for the day ahead
bullet wake up during the night and being able to fall asleep again immediately

Starting from tonight you could get all of the above and and change your life forever by being able to be rested every single night of your life.

There will be no more tossing and turning for hours before drifting off to sleep only to have to get up a few hours later.

Do you ever wake up during the night and start worrying about not being able to fall back asleep again? Well, no more you can be confident that you will fall back asleep if you wake up naturally and calmly.


You Can Finally Take Back
Complete Control Of Your Life

It's hard to describe to someone, who has not experienced sleeping difficulties, how lack of sleep affects us. There are periods when I have felt totally spaced out and felt physically sick due to lack of sleep and thought there was something seriously wrong with me. It's also hard to diagnose sleep deprivation symptoms as the symptoms present themselves in other medical conditions as well which seem more obvious to a doctor or physician. However simply by getting a good nights sleep you will know the difference it can have on your life.

Binaural beats could be the answer if you are having sleeping problems. When you are not getting enough sleep it means your body and brain are not getting the time to repair itself, which is one of the reasons we sleep, from the stresses and strains of everyday life. If your are not being repaired properly every night, serious problems can occur in both the mind and the body leading to a total breakdown if not treated.

I have now used Binaural Beats for a number of years and I can't describe the impact it has had on my mental, physical and spiritual health. This is why I have taken the time and a lot of effort to produce my own Binaural Beats to get maximum benefit.

All your sleeping problems can be banished RIGHT NOW! Your body and brain can be repairing itself 24 HOURS PER DAY with Binaural Sleep.

Why Getting A Good Night's Sleep
Is Crucial For You

Scientific research shows that lack of sleep can affect our physical, mental and spiritual health in a number of ways.

Sleep Deprivation can lead to:

bullet EDS (Excessive daytime Drowsiness)
bullet Aching Muscles
bullet Clinical Depression
bullet Decreased focus and concentration
bullet Irritability
bullet Lack of motivation
bullet Anxiety
bullet Panic attacks






With Binaural Sleep you can completely reverse the effects of sleep deprivation

bullet Huge increase in energy
bullet Body feels healthy
bullet Feeling of happiness
bullet Dramatic increase in focus and concentration levels
bullet Feeling of calmness at all times
bullet Dramatic increase in motivation
bullet Ability to cope with all situation
bullet The feeling of complete control







Binaural Sleep - Deep Sleep Package

3 Phases to a great nights sleep

This relatively new technology called Binaural Beats just keeps getting better and more effective.

Binaural Beats have been proven to be effective and one of the quickest ways to reach deep levels of relaxation to eliminate sleep problems and live a happier and stress free life.

The Binaural Sleep program will amaze you and is unlike anything else you have tried before. You are taken through 3 phases and right from the outset you will start to notice a difference in the quality of your sleep, the way you feel, your energy levels, your sex drive, your thinking and your ability to concentrate, it really is that powerful.


How Binaural Sleep Works

Binaural Sleep has been specially programmed so that you will hear a different tone in each ear to create a third tone. This third tone entrains your brain to a particular frequency called a brainwave, this is why it is sometimes called brainwave entrainment.

It takes around 8 minutes for your brain to attune to a different brainwave so Binaural Sleep will start to work almost instantly and begin to eliminate your sleep problems and begin to relax and calm you in a way you didn't think possible.


Why Binaural Sleep Is Different

Binaural Sleep is different from other programs as you will get a set of downloads and not just 1 half hour download. With Binaural Sleep you will get over 2 hours of high quality Binaural downloads laced with beautiful music to get your brain working on two levels.

We will help you with a relaxation program from morning until bed time. The three downloads you will receive have been designed to get the maximum benefit whilst wasting the minimum amount of time for you. You can just use the Deep Sleep program for your night time routine or for a complete relaxation program, and ultimately a fantastic nights sleep every night, we have given you a morning and an evening download for you to enjoy.


Look At Everything You Will Get
With The Binaural Sleep Program



Phase 1 - Evening reverie

Phase 1 consists of a 50 minute recording which will keep you relaxed in the evening but will calm you and get you ready for a great nights sleep.  Try and listen to this recording at the end of your working day.  You do not need to listen to the full 50 minutes to get the benefits of this recording.
To get a great nights sleep you have to rid yourself of the stresses and strains of the day, if you have no routine for de-stressing yourself after a hard day working you mind will still be racing by the time you get to bed at night.  Therefore listening ‘Evening reverie’ will set you up for a great nights sleep.

Once you have practiced this routine for a few weeks you can shorten the length of time you listen to this from 40 minutes to 20 minutes and eventually 10 minutes.  After a few months you will have programmed your mind to relax automatically after a hard day working, so you need not use ‘Evening reverie’ if you feel you don’t want to.  You can start using it again anytime to start entraining your brain again to a relaxed alpha state of mind.


phase 2 cd

Phase 2 - Deep Sleep

The next phase is the ‘Deep Sleep’ phase.  Listen to this when you turn out the light to go to sleep.  Instead of letting your mind churn over the days events and your worries, concentrate on the binaural beats or the beautiful music playing as you gently drift off to sleep.  The recording lasts for 1 hour and should be enough to have you falling into a deep peaceful sleep. 


phase 3 cd

Phase 3 - Morning Light

Phase 3 is a supplementary download, you do not need to use this if you don’t want to.  However, I have found listening to this in the morning sets me up for the day and keeps me energized and positive for the day ahead.

‘Morning Light’ last for 30 minutes but can be listened to for 15 minutes and you will still get all the benefits it has to offer.  ‘Morning Light’ sets you up for the day and will relax and calm you before you tackle the day ahead.  It can also be used when you just need to unwind during the day.


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dennis beckerEarlier this year I was facing the unpleasant task of making a decision to go shopping (again) for larger jeans, or to do something about it.  At around the same time, I downloaded Steven's "Energy Blast" binaural beat audio, a very pleasant 9 minute one that was meant to get your metabolism going.  Now I didn't expect to take off weight just by listening, but I was hoping it might motivate me to get moving. 

Maybe just a coincidence, but probably not, soon after I started to listen, I decided that I needed to get myself exercising rather than shopping, and I started going on my treadmill at home.  My goal was to work out for the entire month of June (2008), and see if I could turn the fitness goal into a habit, since I knew that habits are formed in 21 days.  I decided to listen to the energy blast audio while I worked out, and at first I could just make it through one loop.  But it kept me motivated and moving, and by the end of the month, I had indeed formed the habit, I had indeed lost the weight, and now I'm looking at shopping for new jeans again, but this time for a smaller size. 

In my mind, I believe it was the binaural beats audio that got me moving, and nobody will convince me otherwise.

Dennis Becker



You Have Nothing To Lose With Our 60 Day 100% Money Back Guarantee

satisfactionWe’re so sure that the Binaural Sleep Program will work for you that we’re willing to back it up for a full 60 days.

If you are not satisfied with the results after 60 days simply ask for a refund and it will be given without question.

A package like Binaural Sleep sells for as much as $300-$500 on other sites but we have packaged it in such as away to be as accessible to as many people as possible, hence the $49.

We really do want you to achieve Deep levels of sleep and experience the benefits that a great nights sleep brings and we are offering this package at an extremely low price.


Ready To Free Your Mind And Finally Get A Great Night's Sleep?


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To your success


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Ask yourself who is in control of your life just now, your work? Your bosses? Your busy lifestyle? That's exactly what controls your stress levels and your ability to sleep at night. Now it's time to take control back and be in charge of your own destiny.

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