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"In 8 Minutes Time You Could Be
Entering A Deep State of Meditation To
Banish Stress, Increase Energy
and Become Laser Focused"

Finally! an Easy Way To Instantly Calm Your Mind And Release
Stress Tension and Increase Your Energy.

Dear Friend,

Have you ever wished you could:

Release all the stresses and strains in your body
Have increased peace of mind
Achieve deep levels of concentration
Greatly increase your energy levels
Have increased mental clarity
Develop the ability to be calm at all times
Dramatically improve your memory
Enhance your creativity
Connect with your spiritual self

In Less than two hours you could be starting a new life and have ALL of the above and I truly mean ALL.

Why am I so sure that you can finally be free from stress, have bundles of energy, reach your spiritual self and have increased mental clarity? It's be proven to work and it worked for me, one of the most skeptical people out there.

I first started meditating years ago and gave up. It took too long, I wasn't seeing results quickly enough and thought meditation was not for me. I did realise that meditation was extremely beneficial and when I gave up I noticed I was much more stressed and had less energy. My concentration levels dropped and I was a bit cranky. Then I found out about a relatively new technology called Binaural Beats. I shopped around and found a few here and there that were quite good. So I learned everything I could and developed my own products for personal use, and they started to work.


You Can Take FULL Control
Of Your Life Again


The truth is we are all being eaten away from the inside out, literally. The stresses of our busy lives are eating away at our minds and our bodies and its time to STOP and take back control.

We live in a world ruled by the clock; up at the crack of dawn, maybe a few kids to get ready, work for 8-12 hours per day, customers harassing us, bosses on our back, gossip, worry, deadlines, bills to pay, mortgages to keep, car to keep on the road, a partner to keep happy.... it all adds up to stress, strain and worry. The only time your body is able to rest is when you are sleeping. When you are sleeping your body is repairing itself, but it can only repair a little in the short time you have.

That can all be banished as of RIGHT NOW! your body and mind could be repairing itself 24 HOURS PER DAY with Binaural Zen.


Why Reaching A Deep State Of
Meditation Is Crucial

Meditation really is the answer to the epidemic that is stress. Stress is the cause of so many of our problems today from our bodily health to our mental health.

The effects of stress are:

High blood pressure
Decreased sex drive
Drop in energy

With Binaural Zen you can completely reverse the effects of stress

Blood pressure is normal
Feel less anxious and are able to cope in all situations
Great nights sleep every time
Increased sex drive
Huge increase in energy
Feeling of happiness

Your life will literally change when you feel the effects of meditation and you can start to make the change when you use Binaural Zen


Binaural Zen Meditation Package

5 Step program to reach deep meditative states

This relatively new technology called Binaural Beats just keeps getting better and more effective.

Binaural Beats have been proven to be effective and one of the quickest ways to reach deep levels of meditation to eliminate stress and live a happier and stress free life.

The Binaural Zen program will amaze you and is unlike anything else you have tried before. You are taken through from steps 1 - 5 and right from the outset you will start to notice a difference in the way you feel, your energy levels, your sex drive, your thinking and your ability to concentrate, it really is that powerful.

How Binaural Zen Works

Binaural Zen has been specially programmed so that you will hear a different tone in each ear to create a third tone. This third tone entrains your brain to a particular frequency called a brainwave, this is why it is sometimes called brainwave entrainment.

It takes around 8 minutes for your brain to attune to a different brainwave so Binaural Zen will start to work almost instantly and begin to eliminate the stress and deliver the many benefits that meditation has to offer.

Why Binaural Zen is Different

Binaural Zen gets right to heart of the matter and starts working on your brainwaves immediately. There is no need to learn the theory of meditation as Binaural Zen starts to work immediately. The more you use the Binaural zen package the quicker it becomes a natural part of your everyday life and you will see a huge difference in yourself and in your life in general.


Look at Everything You Will Get With

The Binaural Zen Package

Step 1 - BinauralZen: - Awakenings

This step will lead you gently into the world of deep meditation and take you from a Theta brainwave down a Delta level brainwave, which is when deep sleep occurs. This session would be used for 1- 4 weeks before moving on and using step 2. Total playing time for this is

Running time - 30 Minutes.














Step 2 - BinauralZen: - Realization -

This step will continue from step 1, and begin to adjust your brainwaves to a deeper level of Delta and keep it there until you adjust to Delta. To avoid your brain getting used to the binaurals you will quickly go on to step 3.

Running time - 30 Minutes











Step 3 - BinauralZen: - Alive

Stepping down deeper into delta we are now at step 3 of the program, which you should be at after a few weeks. By now you will be experiencing the many beneficial effects of deep meditation; healing your body naturally, better sleep experience, greater concentration.

Running time - 30 Minutes









doorway to zen

Step 4 - BinauralZen: - Doorway to Zen

You should be at this stage only after you have listened to all 3 previous steps as they are all linked together to bring you step 4. All 4 steps are incremental and you can use use each step as long as you want but it is suggested no more then 4 weeks for each step and no less than 1 week.

Running time - 30 Minutes








binaural beats zen heaven cd disc and mp3 coverStep 5 - BinauralZen: - Zen Heaven

This step will bring you out of the rabbit hole and into another world of greater clarity with peak experiences becoming more frequent. All 5 steps are incremental and you can use use each step as long as you want but it is suggested no more then 4 weeks for each step and no less than 1 week.

Running time - 30 Minutes









binaural zen cd set binaural beats



All these Binaural Beats are instantly downloadable, no need to wait. As soon as you buy you will receive these downloads.......even if you order at 3am



dennis becker

Earlier this year I was facing the unpleasant task of making a decision to go shopping (again) for larger jeans, or to do something about it.  At around the same time, I downloaded Steven's "Energy Blast" binaural beat audio, a very pleasant 9 minute one that was meant to get your metabolism going.  Now I didn't expect to take off weight just by listening, but I was hoping it might motivate me to get moving. 

Maybe just a coincidence, but probably not, soon after I started to listen, I decided that I needed to get myself exercising rather than shopping, and I started going on my treadmill at home.  My goal was to work out for the entire month of June (2008), and see if I could turn the fitness goal into a habit, since I knew that habits are formed in 21 days.  I decided to listen to the energy blast audio while I worked out, and at first I could just make it through one loop.  But it kept me motivated and moving, and by the end of the month, I had indeed formed the habit, I had indeed lost the weight, and now I'm looking at shopping for new jeans again, but this time for a smaller size. 

In my mind, I believe it was the binaural beats audio that got me moving, and nobody will convince me otherwise.

Dennis Becker



Another look at the benefits of Meditation and Binaural beats

list Enhanced state of creativity
list Higher concentration levels
list Heals the body naturally, as it does in sleep
list Lowers blood pressure
list Helps addiction treatment
list dramatically increases energy levels
list Less sleep required
list Mental Clarity


Join The Thousands Of People Every Day Who Are Experiencing The Benefits Of Binaural Beats

Unlike the thousands of people paying thousands of dollars to go to a retreat, or paying hundreds of dollars for other binaural programs you can buy all of the Binaural Zen package for only $69.

Why only $69? I've spent a lot of money trying different meditation programs and I was tired of being ripped off. Binaural Zen took a lot of work to produce but I don't have to maintain it and therefore my costs are minimal now and I can finally bring the benefits of meditation to thousands of more people than I could if it was at a costly retreat.


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robertHi Steven

"I've been listening to Binaural Zen regularly over the last couple of weeks and have been very impressed with the results. I've come across binaural beats before but they always seem to be fairly generic or one-off. What I liked about yours is the fact that it forms a regular program that develops step-by-step. I got great results right from the start.

I'd describe it as being a bit like a Spring Clean for the mind. I quickly found myself with more focus and more energy so was getting more things done. I'm looking forward to seeing even better results as I continue through the remaining steps."

Robert Greenshields



You Have Nothing To Lose With Our 60 Day 100% Money Back Guarantee

satisfactionWe’re so sure that the Binaural Zen Meditation Program will work for you that we’re willing to back it up for a full 60 days.

if you are not satisfied with the results after 50 days simply ask for a refund and it will be given without question.

A package like Binaural Zen sells for as much as $300-$500 on other sites but we have packaged it in such as away to be as accessible to as many people as possible, hence the $49.

We really do want you to achieve Deep levels of meditation and experience the benefits that mediation brings and we are offering this package at an extremely low price.


Ready To Free Your Mind And Finally Reach A State Of Deep Meditation?


tickmarkIt's time to reach a state of Deep Meditation

tickmarkIt's time to get rid of Stress for good

tickmarkIt's time to claim back your energy

tickmarkIt's time to increase your intelligence

tickmarkIt's time to explode your creative potential

tickmarkIt's time to try Binaural Zen



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To your success


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Ask yourself who is in control of your life just now, your work? Your bosses? Your busy lifestyle? That's exactly what controls your stress levels and your ability to relax and reach deep meditative states. Now it's time to take control back and be in charge of your own destiny.

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